A Lovely Day

Hope that you have all had a nice weekend – I have had a lovely one especially a lovely Mothers’ Day today. I spent two hours stitching this morning then we went to Bradford to the National Media Museum this afternoon and for tea at Nandos which was lovely.

Came home for another 3 hours stitching which was very nice. Am working on some gifts for people so do have loads of WIPs but cannot post any pics till end of April when all are finished and with the recipients.

I had  a lovely card made by Ellie and my wonderful children are paying for me to go to the Embroiderers’ Guild Conference for the day in Sheffield in April as my Mothers’ Day present. The day I am attending includes two talks on ecclesiastical embroidery and a trip to see some items at Sheffield Cathedral so I am really looking forward to that. Thanks kids for being so fab!

Regular readers may remember my Mothers’ Day post (at bottom of this link)  last year when I had just arranged to go part -time at work and was really looking forward to a more relaxed, stress free life with more time for family stuff and embroidery!

Well life didn’t quite turn out like that but the stress levels are not too bad despite the fact that I am trying to return to work full time now which hopefully may be sorted soon.

As I have no pics of my work that I can share I will post a couple of useful links with pics that I have found through someone who linked to my blog. She is called Jane and her blog is in my blogroll as Loopy Lou so please go and visit her blog as there some lovely things on there.

The first one is a site called free patterns which as the name suggests gives free patterns for knitting, stitching, crochet etc. There is not a huge selection but there is some very nice stuff – I particularly like these quilting patterns.

Bunny hugs quilt pattern
Bunny hugs quilt pattern
Xmas Nine Patch quilt
Xmas Nine Patch quilt

Another wonderful site is Pintangle which has loads on it – inspiration, stitch a longs and online classes. Fabulous stuff, this woman Sharon is  a real textile guru with loads of useful info and advice on the site. As a taster just look at the pic below from one of her crazy quilts.

Sharon's crazy quilt piece
Sharon's crazy quilt piece

Though I can’t show you any of my WIPs I can tell you that one is a crazy patchwork piece inspired by Barbara from my local Embroiderers’ Guild and that it is coming along really well – I am very pleased with it.

Hope you are all well and happy – bye for now.

2 thoughts on “A Lovely Day

  1. ooh, that was a big surprise, thank you for the mention. Sounds as if you had a lovely day yesterday. Look forward to seeing what you have been working on soon.

  2. Hello Jane
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog – last week finished reading all of your back posts and am working my way through your links. Have also read bits of your home schooling blog as well and intend to read more of that.

    Have had another lovely day’s stitching -am working on a crazy patchwork piece, my first ever which is going really well.Normally don’t do anything as free as mainly do very structured pieces following a design but am enjoyng experimenting with this and am trying out some new stitches.

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