Just thought I would share some pics with you of the last re-enactment event we did at the gorgeous Berkeley Castle in South Glos. The weather was brilliant and we had a fab weekend as always – thanks to Plantagenet Events and all the people who made it possible. 

The boys all enjoyed themselves as usual – here they are marching on to the field – 

Berk 2 - muster

They sound very clanky - pity we don't have surround sound on this blog!

The battle had a new script with some pyrotechnics to start with where a load of carts in the middle of the battlefield were set on fire by burning arrows which gave a lovely (if smoky) start to the battle. 

Berk 3 - battle

With that, the cannons and the hand gunners there was lots to go boom!

None of the fighters from our group could make the event this time so Ellie and I were looking after our friend Andy from the Knights and Freemen group and any other thirsty boys we could see. 

Berkeley - Andy fighting -

Andy having a good fight - pic by Clive Emerson

On Sunday morning I had a little wander round to take pics – I love looking at tents of any kind, modern or medieval but the ones at the big events are just so lovely – the amount of time and effort people put into their kit and equipment is amazing. 

Berk 8 - tents

The medieval encampment below the castle

Below is a pic of one of my faves from the event – I don’t know the owner’s name to give him credit but what a wonderful tent – you can just see his armour on a stand inside the tent. 

Berk 5 - tent

Glamping 15th century style

Here is my friend Jamie’s tent – it takes about 3 hours to set this all up – no quick pitch festival tents here! 

Berk 7 - Jamie's tent

More glamping - complete with double bed and hangings

Here is Jamie in the tent and outside with friends Kat and Richard. Kat is the amazing costume maker who makes fantastic Medieval  and Tudor clothes and headdresses  – please visit her website Kats Hats

Berk 6 - Jamie

Jamie with his heraldry - handpainted by another talented friend

Berkeley pic - Kat et al

Jamie, his wife Andrea, Kat, Richard and their adorable daughter Izzy - pic by Allen Williams

Also had a quick look around the market – one of my favourite stalls was there belonging to Excalibur Artifacts – they sell all types of hand weaving equipment and had the most amazing selection of hand-woven braids. I  bought a loom a couple of years ago – just need to find more time in my life so that I can practise! 

Berk 1 - Excalibur

The braids on display outside the tent

I had  a lovely chat with Mike the owner – they do not have a web site but can be contacted on 01252 661533 and by e-mail at excaliburartifacts@ntlworld.com 

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour round the event – thanks for visiting and see you soon.